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About us

Inheritance Academy & Child Development Center (Formerly Inheritance Child Care Center) is happy to be in our newly built 10,000 square foot center. We have a 9 year history of serving families from our Northwood Community locations (Marble Hall/Loch Raven). However, our new home is located on Moravia Road off of Moravia Park Drive. We are licensed to operate seven days a week from 6:00 am to 12:00 am. Our center is safe, clean, and child-friendly. We offer nutritious meals and snacks as well as a one-of-a-kind combination of nurturing care and educational structure. Our rates are affordable and we also accept childcare vouchers (subsidy payments).We have transferred our excellent practices and policies to our new location, have achieved Level 3 with Maryland Excels Quality Rating System, and look forward to becoming accredited in the near future!

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Our mission is to create an atmosphere where parents feel supported and all children feel welcomed; where they are encouraged to learn through teachable experiences which cultivate socialization, creativity, physical, and emotional growth while promoting their imagination.

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Our vision is to become one of Baltimore’s highly sought out leaders in early childhood development by educators and parents, while creating a legacy for the love of learning through support, education, empowerment, and dedication.

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Our Philosophy is built on the belief that providing rich foundations for children by supporting everyone involved in their growth and development leads to positive and productive results. We believe that children are like flowers and every flower began as a SEED.

Owner's Bio

Born in Brooklyn, New York and spending her childhood years between New York and South Carolina; Mallorie Malloy-Coe refers to her childhood as “The Best of Both Worlds”. She’s experienced childhood trauma, abuse, and poverty as well as what most children would consider living their “best life”, name brand clothing and shoes, annual vacation cruises. Her passion for children began when she was 8 years old and intensified when she landed her first teen job as a “Summer Youth Employee” in one of Brooklyn, New York’s most sought after child care programs. Mallorie began visiting Baltimore, MD at 14 years old. At this time she fell in love with the many children in her family (father’s side). There were so many babies and children that Mallorie couldn’t get enough. She would travel by way of Greyhound every other month to visit family here in Baltimore. Mallorie grew to love Baltimore so much that she vowed to move here as soon as she completed high school. At 19 she moved to Baltimore, began her studies in early childhood education and launched a mentor program for girls in the Park Heights Community called You Are L.A.S.T (Like A Sister Too). Having two young sisters at the time, she would often be told by their friends that she was “like a sister” to them. This encouraged her passion to mentor and support young girls ages 7-14. At the age of 21 Mallorie launched her nonprofit organization Inheritance, Inc. Under this organization she has succeeded in several additional programs and initiatives including Active Achievers Youth Programs and the Succeed to Excel Entrepreneurial & Leadership program. Through these programs and initiatives, Mallorie has supported the empowerment, growth and development of many youth and families throughout Baltimore City. Additionally, she began employment with the Kennedy Krieger Institute. 

Mallorie Malloy-Coe


She committed 9 years to the Behavioral Psychology department. In 2010, Mallorie founded Inheritance Child Care Center. Over the years she has impacted communities across Baltimore through the education and nurturing care provided by Inheritance, now Inheritance Academy.
This year marks ten years that Inheritance has been serving the community. After searching, planning, crying and trusting God, she purchased a 15,000 square foot building in Baltimore City, settled in March 2019 and completed renovations allowing them to move into their new home by October 2019. Today, Mallorie is the grateful owner of a 10,000 square foot center, employer of a team of 29 educators who understand the value of Integrity in the work place. Along with her team, they are striving to receive accreditation which is a continuous commitment to quality. As the owner of this resource building, she strives to bring more resources, jobs and services to the community. Though she is filled with gratitude and a forever increasing passion for entrepreneurship and quality child care, her greatest accomplishments call her mom. Together with her husband, Keith Coe Jr. aka Mr. Keith, they parent three children Malachi (13), Mikhaila (11) and Kayleigh (10). Mallorie is happy to bring amazing things to Baltimore and looks forward to the day that she can spend more of her time encouraging and strategically assisting other child care owners to achieve their goals in ways that she has. We’ve all heard the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”. Mallorie would like everyone to have faith and KNOW that they will indeed succeed. So she leaves you with this. When INDEED, you DO succeed, excel, excel, EXCEL

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