We help your children thrive.

Every day, preschoolers at Inheritance are provided with a wide array of indoor and outdoor activities. While in a structured environment, they will have numerous opportunities to choose and partake in activities that reflect their interests. All children aged 2 years old and above are required to wear a uniform.

Our Preschool program focuses on the following:

Physical Development

– The aim is to learn about moving. This demonstrates basic gross motor skills and basic fine motor skills.

Cognitive Development

– Based on the curriculum we follow, the aim is to learn about the world by:

  • Maintaining attention
  • Learning how objects can be used
  • Demonstrating a beginning understanding of cause and effect
  • Showing recognition that things can be grouped according to similarities and characteristics
  • Utilizing problem-solving strategies
  • Engaging in pretend play

Language Development

– The aim is to learn how to communicate. This includes:

  • Developing receptive language
  • Developing expressive language
  • Participating in conversations
  • Enjoying books and being read to
  • Showing an awareness of pictures and print
  • Experimenting with drawing and writing


Our daily activities comprise music and movement, reading and writing, introduction to the Spanish language, physical education, exploration and discovery, and math. Some activities need the children to be placed in small groups or centers. Also, preschool students have planned field trips based on monthly themes.

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